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Playa Bacocho Playa Bacocho - Located just west of Playa Principal. This is a beautiful sandy beach. The last, westernmost beach, is Playa Bacocho. Playa Bococho can be accessed through Hotel Posada Real and follow signs to Coco’s Beach Club. This is a great place to hang out for a day. There is a strong undertoe here so this beach is better suited for sun bathing than swimming. There are a few palapa style restaurants on the beach.
Playa Carrizalillo Playa Carrizalillo - The Playa Carrizalillio area are perfect beaches for Scuba diving and snorkeling, mainly because there are rock formations and coral shelves right off the beach. This is for lack of a better word considered a private beach, meaning that it is difficult to get to. There is a hotel overlooking the cliff. This is a great tourist beach due to the beauty and solitude.
Playa Manzanillo and Puerto Angelito Playa Manzanillo and Puerto Angelito - These beaches are right next to each other and are considered the safest beach in Puerto Escondido for swimming and snorkeling. These beaches can be reached by taxi or by boat from town. Here is also a good place to charter a fishing boat and do a little sports fishing. There are no hotels at Playa Manzanillo, however there are several beachfront restaurants specializing in seafood.
Playa Marinero and Playa Principal Playa Marinero and Playa Principal - These beaches are located to the right side of Hotel Santa Fe. This is where you would come to hire a captain to take you out on a day of fishing or turtle watching. Playa Marinero is where the locals come and play at the beach especially on weekends. This is not a great beach for swimming as there is a strong undertoe also it is the dirtiest beach in the area, because of locals dumping dead fish and trash.
Playa Zicatela Playa Zicatela - Located just south of Hotel Sante Fe is Playa Zicatela or as surfers refer to it "The Mexican Pipeline" This surf spot and beach is lined with hotels and bungalows and it is the most popular beach in Puerto Escondido for tourists and surfers. Not a very good beach to swim. The beach is marked by a statue of two hands coming out of a rock, which is there as a tribute to the people who have risked their lives saving people at this beach.
Chacahua Lagoons Chacahua Lagoons - This is a natural reserve located about 45 minutes from Puerto Escondido. The lagoons are home to several birdlife including wood storks and roseate spoonbills. The lagoon comprises of three lagoons: La Pastoria, Chacahua and Salinas. While traveling in this area you will find two exotic beaches where lagoons and sea collide; this is one of the few natural sanctuaries for birds in Mexico. The beach area offers several restaurants as well as accommodations.
The Mexican Turtle Sanctuary The Mexican Turtle Sanctuary - The turtle sanctuary used to be the turtle slaughterhouse, however turtles are now protected and this is a great place to view the giant sea turtles. The Mexican Turtle Sanctuary is home to several different species of marine turtles. The turtle sanctuary is located 45 minutes to an hour from Puerto Escondido.
Ventanilla Ventanilla - Ventanilla has a sanctuary that allows the visitor to observe these interesting amphibious reptiles in their natural habitat. This is an exciting place located near the Turtle Sanctuary. For a small fee a tour guide can take you out in a canoe to see crocodile in there natural setting. Ventanilla is said to be home to over 100 crocodiles. On this tour you will notice many reptiles especially iguanas, there is even an iguana farm located nearby.
The Manialtepec Lagoon The Manialtepec Lagoon - Its name comes from the Nahuatl word manine, which means an animal that crawls, and tepetl, which means place; therefore, the word means place of lizards. This lagoon is considered a nesting place for several migratory birds such as wild ducks, herons and tijerillas birds. The lagoon is accesible by boat and has thick mangroves. It is located about 30 miles from Puerto Escondido. This lagoon is about 6 kilometers long

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