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Puerto Escondido has many options available for those seeking a health-minded vacation, with quality comparable to the USA, but prices much lower. We have put together a list of services in Puerto Escondido. Some of the services in Puerto Escondido include medical and health facilities as well as various schools or Internet cafes. Most of the health professionals are licensed however we make no Guarantee of the qualifications of the health professionals. It is recommended that you do your own homework when choosing a doctor. Puerto Escondido Services

Instituto de Lenguajes Puerto Escondido - is a small teachers' cooperative designed to give personal attention to students interested in learning Spanish. We offer small group and private lessons for students of all levels, from the very beginnner to the most advanced * Tel: 954-582-2055

The International Friends of Puerto Escondido (IFOPE) - is a service and support group of foreigners and other interested people living in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, México. It functions to facilitate communication and cooperation within the foreign community and between the foreign community and local governments. IFOPE also aids visitors who find themselves in need of assistance and provides community service as needs are identified * Email:


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